A breastfeeding journey to remember

116 LIST - A breastfeeding journey to remember

My Breastfeeding Journey


Ever since I was pregnant I always thought I shall only breastfeed my child, the journey wasn’t a walk in the park. As the delivery date was approaching, my urine protein was soaring high. Amidst the risk of kidney failure, an un-optional early epidural was fixed, it didn’t come alone, it bought highest level of ignominy by a few loved ones & made me weep, sad, mad & lonely.


This operation shame & baby blues left me completely shattered. Thank God my mom was by my side all this time, that’s the grace only ‘a Mom was on, at & by my side!’ When the numbness left my body, I remember celebrating inside me, ‘what miracle I’d done, my baby had come!’


Breastfeeding was natural, a God’s gift that didn’t need much effort except rising half high with undone belly stitches. There were self styled pediatricians along the way guiding on all styles of feeding, feeling perplexed I reached the ‘Google mom’, a few mother friends & a pediatrician guided on proper latch, breastfeeding holds  & time-gaps etc. but eventually in these 4 months plus journey I’ve realized, ‘If I am at ease, my baby enjoys the feed!’


So much magical & rewarding is this breastfeed knowing all nutrients are provided through me & then the amazing bonding time we both get, fortunately maternity leave made a huge difference enabling me to exclusively breastfeed my child.


Dear Friends, 


Every mother is incredible,

She’s great who breastfeed exclusively,

She’s great who uses top/formula feed,

She’s great who does both,

This time shall fly past, 

Lets enjoy a love blast,

I am grateful to have shared my journey, 

Which shall remain an everlasting one!

Thank you.

By - Divya Bhasin

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