A bond of Love

116 LIST - A bond of Love

My Breastfeeding journey is a bond of love, emotions, sharing and caring which connects me with my son. It reminds me of universal truth of abundance – “The more we give out, the more we are filled up with”. Like every new mom my starting days were difficult, at times my nipple’s becomes quite sore which made feeding difficult. My feeding journey is surely the most magical yet the hardest experience, there is no glamour around it, it is about dark circles, sleepless nights and struggle with feeding and most of the time it is trying a new way and hoping it to work. It is about putting another human being ahead of yourself. In my overall journey always stood by golden rule – “Stanpaan hai jaruri na samjhe ese majburi”. 100% exclusive breastfeeding for 6 month

By - Komal Rastogi

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