Neonatal TOT Simulation Workshop

To provide training to doctors and nurses, using simulation, to work better as team in neonatal emergencies in order to provide best quality of care

To create simulation instructors, who in turn could teach simulation based scenarios to various team of doctors and nurses in various parts of the country including their own institution on a regular basis.

The Idea behind these trainings is derived from the aviation industry. We create most of the common emergency scenarios using high-functioning mannequins which act as simulators. These simulators can breathe, can talk and their pulses can be felt. They respond to treatment like in real situation. Medical teams comprising doctors & nurses face these scenarios and discuss how to improve their performance


Neonatologists, Neonatal trainees, Paediatricians, and Neonatal nurses

Speaker & Trainer

Dr. Jennifer Sokol, MBBS, FRACP, FCICM, MHPE. Clinical Lead in Simulation, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


Dr. Manigandan Chandrasekaran, Consultant Neonatologist, Cloudnine Hospital, Chennai

Dr. Rohit Arora, Consultant Neonatologist, Apollo Cradle, Gurgaon

Program Brief

Cloudnine in association with Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia , IAP Neonatology Chapter and NNF India conducted Neonatal ToT @ Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Simulation workshop in Mumbai

Clinical Scenarios

Common clinical scenarios including term and preterm infants were included as a part of training. NICU and delivery room setting were present in the programme. Each scenario lasted for 15 minutes, during which emergency skills like Intubation, Chest compressions, Postive pressure ventilation were practised in an environment, simulated to real life scenario. Thereafter, ‘Human factors’ and medical issues have been addressed during the debriefing process.

Neonatal ToT Simulation @ Gurgaon

Gurgaon on 22nd and 23rd had 19 delegates (Cloudnine consultants and external faculty) along with 3-4 Nursing staff

Speaker & Trainer

Dr. Anthony Joseph from Fortis, Dr.Amitav Sengupta from Paras Hospital, Dr. Anup Thakhur, Dr Sushma Kaul from Apollo, Dr Sindhu from AIIMS and Dr Venkatesan S from PGI Chandigarh were few amongst the delegates. We had Dr. Ajay Gambhir (President NNF India), Dr. Ramesh Goyal(Secretary, NNF Haryana) supporting the event.


Dr. Sanjay wazir lead the whole initiative in Gurgaon and the event was a great success under his leadership.


Dr. Amitav Sen Gupta : Neonatologist, Paras Hospital Excellent Program and unique way of Learning through Clinical Scenarios. Look forward for more such programs in the near future. Appreciate the effort of Cloudnine!

Dr. Ruchi Arora : Fellowship , Neonatology Has been wonderful experience attending the Simulation. It helped me in gaining more confidence in attending to such emergencies. Will Implement all the steps learnt in the workshop and helped me in dealing better during critical situations

Simulation Workshop @ Mumbai

Mumbai on 25th Feb 2016 had 18 participants ( Cloudnine consultants and external faculty) and Nursing team.

Speaker & Trainer

Dr. Rahul Verma, Senior Neonatologist from Bombay Hospital, Dr. Shabnam Husain , Indus Nursing Home, Dr. Mahendra Patel, Senior Paediatrician from Goregaon were few amongst the delegates.


Dr. Piyush Shah lead the way for Cloudnine and was a key person to make the program a great Success


Dr. Rahul Verma : Practitioner @ Bombay Hospitals Found the session very attractive. Simuation is the next route for the upcoming graduate students and Doctors to learn criitical steps without worrying to harm the humans.Cloudnine has given an excellent platform to expose to such critical areas

Dr. Mahendra Patel : Peadatrician @ GoregaonA very good learning exerience for me. Practice makes a man Perfect. We the doctors are not allowed to make any mistakes, but these Simulation programs makes us so confident that all our mistakes can be learnt thorugh these scenarios .Thanks to Cloudnine!

NeoNatal To T Simulation Workshop @ Bengaluru

27th and 28th @ Bengaluru had 24 participants ( Cloudnine consultants and external faculty) along with Nursing team.

Speaker & Trainer

Dr. Naveen Benkappa, Prof & HOD of Neonatology at IGICH, Dr. Ravikiran Suryanarayana Murthy from Sakra Hospital, Dr Dinakar Prof & HOD of Vydehi Hospital, Dr Mohit Singhal from Apollo Cradle , Dr. Abbasa Abdul Hamid ( from Maldives) were few amongst the delegates


Dr. Navin Benkappa : , Prof & HOD of Neonatology at IGICH I have heard Cloudnine being one of the best Hospitals in the city and quite excited to see their Academic approach.Its been very fortunate for me to be a part of the program and get exposed to newer techniques.

Dr. Ravikiran :Sakra Hospitals, Bengaluru I have attended lot of Hands on training workshop, but never had a chance to get exposed to the real life scenarios. The worskhop was very helpful and I look forward to participate more in the near future.

Feed back from Inhouse consultants

Dr. Arvind ShenoiVery good experience.Team effort needs to be appreciated. If I could suggest, I would prefer to have smaller groups for better pract.ical orientation, else the whole program went very well.

Dr. Shekar Subiah Good practical experience.I have attended these kind of workshops in my practice earlier, but the simulation program introduced by Cloudnine team was very unique and had lot to learn!

Cloudnine Children Hospital Consultants Innovative training session, Happy to be a part of the training,Learnt a lot, Never attended a training like this, Very informative and Very well organized.

Take home messages

It was very clear from the workshop that knowledge or skill on its own is not enough. It is important to work as a team, communicate effectively using closed loop communication, using cognitive aids whenever possible, practising leadership and followership, and recap when things do not go as expected.


It was a challenge to conduct 3 courses in one week across 3 stated. This needed a proper setting up and organization for around 4 – 5 hours on the day before every course. No other simulation team have conducted similar number in any part of the world. This was possible only because of the team members in Cloudnine who worked tirelessly and efficiently.

The delegates were a mix of senior and junior neonatologists, and a group of general pediatricians with varying experience in neonatology. The simulation scenarios had to be adjusted according to their daily role so that they can be immersed in simulation fully. It was achieved with dynamic assessment and appropriate modification by the simulation lead, Dr Jenni Sokol.

Faculty experience

Dr Manigandan Chandrasekaran I have been a faculty in simulation courses for last few years. I really enjoyed this new experience with Cloudnine and Dr Jenni Sokol. It was very stimulating experience to work with Dr Jenni Sokol, I learned a lot from her. This experience helped me in improving myself as a facilitator. I would like to do this regularly if possible.

Dr Rohit Arora I have worked as a facilitator in the past and was a part of Simulation courses. It has been incredible experience working with Dr. Jenni and Cloudnine staff. I look forward for more such opportunities.

Cloudnine achievement

Cloudnine hospitals and Dr Kishore has taken a big step in simulation teaching and thereby improving the team work which provides the best newborn care. It was a great initiative to include all Cloudnine consultants in the course and prepare some of them as instructors. The course was a huge success in all the cities, and received a great feedback from the delegates. No other organisation have done this at an affordable cost. This will be one of the success stories in the academic part of Cloudnine hospitals.

Special contribution

Nursing team The entire Nursing team across cities helped in rolling the event in a smooth and coordinated manner. Their efforts were commendable

Sponsors A Special note of thanks to Laerdal , Dreager, Nestle and all the Sponsors who have been the backbone and supported the event

Conclusion We are glad that the event was well executed and was appreciated by one and all. With the continued support from the entire
team we look forward to conduct more programs in the near future.