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We see skin as more than just something that protects your body; we see it as an expression of your personality, a reflection of your health and a beacon of your beauty. We believe that beauty deserves to be cherished on the inside and out, a sentiment that is thoughtfully embodied through the Aesthetic Clinic on Cloudnine.


With a holistic suite of dermatology treatments and surgeries, the Aesthetic Clinic on Cloudnine endeavours to inspire men and women to feel confident in their own skin. The Aesthetic Clinic is an organic extension of Cloudnine’s time-honoured healthcare legacy, and has been conceived in partnership with Dr. Syed, one of New Delhi’s most distinguished dermatologists.

I. Aesthetic Care
● Botox & Fillers
Our advanced Botox procedures lend definition to your face by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. With Botox, prepare to bid farewell to the crow’s feet framing your eyelids and the fine lines on your cheeks and say hello to a fuller, finer face.
● Chemical Peel Therapy
Discover smoother, younger, more radiant skin with chemical peels. This technique involves the application of a chemical solution, to gently exfoliate the skin and reveal regenerated, underlying layers.
● Scar Treatment
Scars needn’t leave permanent mementoes on your skin. With our special scar reduction treatments, you can banish your blemishes for good.
● Mesotherapy
Revitalised, rejuvenated and reinvigorated skin starts with Mesotherapy, a technique that infuses vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts into problem areas of the body to tighten skin and dissolve cellulite.
● Stretch Mark Therapy
Stretch marks aren’t everyone’s idea of body art. And they don’t have to be. With a customised combination therapy, you can seek flawless, polished skin devoid of any streaks or stripes.
● Skin Polishing Treatment
Achieve glowing, polished skin with microdermabrasion, or skin polishing. The procedure serves to exfoliate the skin and improve acne, age spots and fine lines by emitting microscopic crystals into the skin’s surface.

II. Clinical Care
● Acne Alleviation
Minimising acne is important to prevent permanent scarring and hyperpigmentation. Seek a medical solution personalised to your age, condition and medical history.
● Pigmentation Treatment
Dark, discoloured patches caused by melasma can be addressed with carefully rendered topical and surgical pigmentation treatment.
● Fungal Infection Treatment
Fungal infections can take root under the nail or on the surface of the skin and can elicit an array of unpleasant symptoms like inflammation, bleeding and white spots. Symptoms are usually addressed through a treatment plan composed of multiple sittings.
● Eczema Therapy
Gain control of eczema with a structured skincare regime and a personalised medication plan.
● Psoriasis Treatment
Itchy patches, scabby sores and scaly skin can be managed with a definitive diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan for psoriasis. Considering that the condition can last a lifetime, it’s wise to seek medical care early.
● Skin Allergy Treatment
Skin allergies can manifest in several forms, presenting varying levels of discomfort. While most are mild, some can be seriously dangerous, so if you suspect a skin allergy, it’s a good idea to have it diagnosed and treated at the earliest.
● Vitiligo Treatment
Characterised by white patches on the skin, vitiligo doesn’t just run skin deep. It can lead to sunburn, social or psychological distress and more seriously, skin cancer, hearing loss and eye problems. Treatments for the condition run a gamut of surgical and medical options.
● Wart, Corn & Mole Removal
Although usually harmless, warts, corns and moles don’t make for the best aesthetic impression. Although topical medications are effective in most cases, a surgical procedure may be considered if the protrusion is deeper rooted.

● Hair Fall Solutions
Chronic hair loss can be unnerving, but with timely treatment, you can save your precious strands from falling. Medical management, stem cell therapy and laser hair growth therapy are some options that may be recommended.
● Alopecia Management
Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicles, resulting in chronic hair fall and bald patches. Treatment for the condition is usually composed as a combination of steroids, vasodilators, anti-inflammatory drugs and immunosuppressive medications.
● Hair Transplant
A hair transplant is a cutting-edge method of hair restoration involving the harvesting and transfer of hair from a donor site to a recipient site. The technique is known to restore hair growth at an optimal density.

● Laser Hair Reduction
Laser hair reduction is a breakthrough technique that permanently and painlessly reduces unwanted body hair. Our laser hair removal procedures are underpinned by a combination of Diode and Alexandrite technologies.
● Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Fine lines, wrinkles, acne and sun spots can be potently lifted with laser skin rejuvenation. The procedure uses fine laser beams to peel back the upper layers of the skin and reveal firmer, younger-looking skin.
● Laser Tattoo Removal
Gone are the days of endless painful tattoo removal sessions. With the coveted Q-Switched ND-Yag laser machine on Cloudnine, tattoos can be effectively removed in fewer sittings.
● Laser Vaginal Tightening
Laser vaginal tightening is an advanced laser technique that aims to tighten a vagina that has slackened due to genetic factors, ageing, menopause or pregnancy. Excessive labial tissue can cause pain, discomfort and a deep-rooted negative body image. The procedure shapes sagging tissue to create a neat, tidy and taut vaginal opening.

● Weight Loss Counselling
Diet fads and extreme exercise routines can do more harm than good. Seek sustainable, goal-oriented weight loss guidance for long-term results.
● Body Contouring
Give your body definition by learning how to contour problem areas and accentuate curves.
● Cellulite Management
If those dimpled pockets of fat aren’t your best accessory, take heart in knowing that they can be targeted. Diet control and exercise may be supplemented with aesthetic enhancement procedures for a flawless finish.

● Male Gynecomastia
Enlarged breast tissue in men can spur feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment. Surgical removal of breast tissue can not only restore the size of the breasts, but also one’s self-worth and self-confidence.
● Breast Augmentation and Reduction
Altering the size of your breasts could be a decision that stems from a medical condition or an aesthetic need. Medical problems like backache and neck strain caused by ample breasts can be eliminated by reducing the size of both breasts. Breast enlargement, on the other hand, is most commonly intertwined with an inherent desire to enhance one’s femininity.
● Liposuction
Overweight and overwhelmed? Turn to liposuction on Cloudnine, a procedure that systematically drains abnormal fat deposits housed in your body, gifting you a lower weight and healthier body, overnight.
● Abdominoplasty
Otherwise known as a tummy tuck, this technique folds in excess overhanging abdominal skin to give you a flatter, more fit tummy.
● Facelift
A facelift is an ideal cosmetic restorative technique for women over the age of forty. The procedure reverses physical signs of ageing, thereby lending a fresh, youthful appearance to the face.
● Rhinoplasty
A rhinoplasty is Cloudnine’s answer to a deviated septum, nasal hump, wide nostrils or crooked nose. The procedure allows a surgeon to augment the shape and size of your nose, while also alleviating any related nasal conditions.

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