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Each year, many people in the city of Gurgaon succumb to the flu or influenza. What if there was some way to protect you and your loved ones from this, yearly? Well, fear not! Cloudnine is here with home Flu Vaccinations. All you need to do is log on to the website or app and book the service at a convenient time slot. You can stop worrying about flu or influenza and go about your daily routine.

The Cloudnine service which offers universal flu vaccine in Gurgaon has become a boon for the residents in the city. Children younger than the age of five are at a higher risk of influenza or flu. They may develop other conditions like convulsions or pneumonia as a result of the flu. A regular flu shot can come in handy to help prevent this scenario immensely. Doctors across the globe recommend regular flu vaccination for children who have chronic conditions like lung disorders or a weak immune system or and so on.

Flu vaccination for adults and flu vaccination for babies are seasonal flu vaccine which also help protect pregnant women during the flu season.

An immunized mother is also able to protect her unborn baby as well. Cloudnine is here with home flu vaccinations to keep you and your baby safe from flu and the many complications it brings along with it.

Why are Flu shots necessary?

  1. 1. Flu vaccinations prevent any viral infection from spreading
  2. 2. Flu vaccines prevent children and pregnant women from contracting the infection
  3. 3. Flu shots are crucial to protect the immune system
  4. 4. Everyone should get vaccinated for Flu to avoid health complications in the future

Who all can take the Flu Vaccines?

  1. 1. Anyone without any severe allergic reaction to the flu vaccine should take it
  2. 2. Anyone without a history of a severe paralytic illness should opt for it
  3. 3. People who have no severe allergic reaction to eggs, qualify to take it

Anyone that is ill with or without fever should consult their doctors before getting the flu vaccine and take any action as advised by their physician

Why Cloudnine?

For the past several years Cloudnine has been at the forefront of medical care. Our new home healthcare services are designed to help the people in Gurgaon stay healthy and safe. You can finally stop visiting the local medical centre or clinic to get a flu shot. Once you book a flu vaccine at home, our certified staff will visit you at your home at your convenience. The flu vaccine for children in Gurgaon is a Godsend for people who do not have the time to sit in traffic or wait in long queues to make sure that their loved ones are protected from flu or influenza this flu season.

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Additional specialities of Cloudnine:

  1. 1. Extensive diagnostics facilities, dedicated fetal medicine unit, gold-standard 4D technology scanning
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1. Can I change the time slot for the flu vaccine at home?

Yes, you can change the time slot up to four hours before the appointed time. All you need to do is log in to your account on our website or app and click the modify option.

2. Can I book flu vaccine shots for my whole family?

Yes, logon to our website or app and create an account by entering your details. The next step is choosing the flu vaccine option and picking out a convenient time slot. You can make separate bookings at the same time slot to make sure your whole family gets vaccine shots.

3. I am 50 years old with a weak immune system. Can I get a flu shot in Gurgaon?

Yes, you can choose a convenient time slot and our certified staff will be at your doorstep at the appointed time to give you the flu shot.