Trusted by over 36,000+ mothers! Cloudnine believes in delivering the highest standard and high quality women and child healthcare services. Set up in 2007 by the renowned neonatologist, Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, Cloudnine is India’s premier destination for comprehensive maternal, gynaecological, neonatal and paediatric care.

Our medical expertise and comprehensive care extends well
past maternity services. Our specialties include:

Why Cloudnine?

  • We have decades of experience in the provision of woman and child healthcare services.

  • We have the best professionals and leverage the latest in applicable technologies for all our services.

  • Our facilities are modern, spacious, clean, and easily accessible.

  • We also provide popular Antenatal workshops to help you manage your countdown to delivery.

  • We provide a conducive environment filled with laughter, love, and care


I am hypothyroid and had polycystic ovary ,with expert consultation from Dr. Modhulika I conceived without mucht hassle. During pregnancy I had intrauterine growth restriction and gestational diabetes. With all these complications I was able to deliver a healthy baby. So,a big thank to the doctor.

- Sonia

We want to say a big “THANK YOU” to you all for everything you did for us. Although it is obvious that the unit is extremely busy, we always felt that you were very helpful and patient with us and always more than willing to answer any questions or concerns that we had. We are totally in awe of the fantastic work you do.

- Swathi Mohan

Due to Breast Abscess, I underwent a breast draining surgery in just 15 days of delivery. It was depressing. I got in touch with Cloudnine’s lactation expert and regained my lost milk supply in just 15 days. I also got some tips on how to nurse the baby. I sincerely thank the expert for giving me an opportunity to experience the joy of Motherhood by breastfeeding the child.

- Mrs. Mohana

My daughter was not interested in mother's milk and was habituated to spoon feeding. It has resulted in reduced secretion of milk and fear of non-secretion of milk. The lactation expert at Cloudnine helped me with re-lactation and in just 3 weeks, I could see the results. My baby is 6 months old now and on breast milk exclusively. My family is indebted to the expert for her time and assistance.

- Mrs. Vasudha


  • Cloudnine Hospital (Mumbai)
    Siddhachal Arcade, CTS Nos.
    1084C and 1186A Link Road, Malad West,
    Mumbai 400064

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  • Cloudnine Hospital (Pune)
    Axon Building, Survey
    No 28/1, Bhamburda, Shivaji Nagar,
    Pune 411005

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