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Would it interest you to be in a place where smiles and happiness abound as little bundles of joy are brought to the world every day?
Cloudnine stays true to its name and ensures that all our doctors are on cloud nine! Explore the real journey of the Cloudnine employees and doctors with us!

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I had heard a lot of good things about Cloudnine before joining and it changed into brilliant after joining. It is indeed a great corporate hospital, pioneer in mother and child care, with equal emphasis on teaching and learning.
The patient counselling is really great here. NICU management is as per international protocols which is great to learn. Listening and learning from our neonatology consultant is really helpful and I am hopeful to pass my fellowship with better skills and knowledge.

Dr. Karambir Gill

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The overall working environment is very congenial even for junior doctors. There is ample things to learn from day to day activities. Apart from the academics, one also comes to know the working culture in a corporate setup which most doctors don’t know immediately after post graduate. The overall perspective about neonatal care has improved in myself.
Dr. Ramani Ranjan
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Cloudnine is a corporate hospital with good reputation and medical ethics. After joining, I experienced the same as above with good commitment from consultants. The protocol followed here and the CME teaching program is practical and accepted all over the world. Recently NRP program was held to sharpen the resuscitation.

Dr. Murali SM

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I believed Cloudnine to be a typical corporate hospital with lots of celebrity clients which hardly gives any chance for the juniors. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn In due course that it accommodates everyone and there is plenty of scope to learn and practise.
I want to learn the latest developments in the field and also be able to practise it all and also do a publication or two under the able guidance of Dr. Kishore Kumar and also start a practise of my own and start a patient base. My surgical skills have been sharpened.

Dr. Ramya

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From the day I joined Cloudnine, I have been impressed by the infrastructure which boasts off the most advanced equipment to handle neonates with varying degree of severity. Working with world renowned neonatologist, Dr. Kishore Kumar, one can learn the most recent and advanced practices as is done in the best centres of the world. We are encouraged to take decisions independently under the guidance of neonatologist with rich experience, which helps to love our clinical skills. Training under Dr. Kishore Kumar, Dr. Girish SV and Dr. Nandini has been one of the best experience of my career till date.

Dr. Anubhava Patel

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I wanted to join Cloudnine Hospital because it is a corporate hospital and it gave me a basic idea of how to work in a private setup. It broke my conception about typical private hospital. The teaching here has been good and gave me a lot of practical experience.

Dr. Manish

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Prior to joining Cloudnine, I had assumed it to be a corporate hospital, wherein my responsibilities would be communication with the consultants and following management plans and that they would be limited to my working hours. Over the years, I have felt as a part of the care taking team. I have been given responsibilities at various levels and my decisions are acknowledged, thus making me responsible for patients’ health and management with scope for academic work.
My association with Cloudnine has been a learning process every day. There is always something new to learn or relearn and refine my skills from both consultant and patients. My communication skills with patients, colleagues, superiors and subordinates have improved leaps and bounds. Intensive care skills and knowledge has been honed and oriented to evidence based practice.Teaching programme, seminars and journal clubs have been appropriate to recent development. Discussions have helped me widen my review and thinking.

Dr. Suma AR

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My perspective before joining was the apprehension of working in a private set up, having worked in a government set up, but I am happy to have been exposed to a variety of patients, to attend delivery calls and to use new equipment’s which I was not exposed earlier.

Dr. Sushma Sriram

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Cloudnine is headed by eminent Dr. Arvind Shenoi who was very helpful, and it gave me good academic environment. It has a state-of-the-art NICU and great learning opportunities so I felt it is a great place to pursue my fellowship.

Dr. Amitoj singh

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It has best NICU care in Bangalore especially for preterm babies. Percentage of preterm survival is good. Dr. Arvind Shenoi is a great teacher. Stay has been good as he is always calm and scolds also in a very nice manner and it doesn’t hurt but boosts us to work better.

Dr. Sowmya M

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Cloudnine was known for its quality care and that’s why I joined. It has given me good obstetrics exposure and latest guidelines are followed. I have been given ample decision making opportunity and my surgical skills have sharpened. Cloudnine feels like home, loved and wanted by all consultants.

Dr. Namrata Nagendra

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One of the best corporate hospitals with best protocols which I have experienced here. Joining Cloudnine was one of the best decisions I have made and it will be one of the important milestone in my career.
Every consultant has a unique method of teaching and we are exposed to wide variety. By being part of Cloudnine I hope to learn many new things.

Dr. Sandeep patil

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It is good to be in Cloudnine, here the duties and the working hour is good. This is my first corporate hospital and I have had good learning experience with all consultants as well as dealing with corporate patients. So overall I am happy.
I had worked in Indira Gandhi Hospital which is a government funded hospital and I always thought that the neonatal care charges in Cloudnine would be high, but then I realised that the charges here are affordable for the care that Cloudnine provides.

Dr. Padmakumar B Patil


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