Delivering a gift from the heavens

Publication:Economics Times

Date: 25th Aug, 2016

Cloudnine care’s comprehensive medical services are delivered with a caring, human touch

Children might well be a gift for parents, but it is a gift that de serves to be nurtured and cared for, not just at birth, but for the entire duration of a pregnancy. Which is why, to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy, Cloudnine provides world-class medical expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, a space filled with love and laughter and staff dedicated to the holistic well-being of babies.

The first Cloudnine facility was set up in India in 2006 with the aim of transforming maternal and child health services in the country, which needed to be aligned with global best practices. Today, what sets them apart is their holistic approach to mother and new born care, such as: all newborns undergo mandatory screening for congenital and metabolic diseases so that they can begin early treatment of these; and reliance on natural birth techniques and opting for caesarian deliveries only if medically required.

Cloudnine helps couples with fertility issues fulfill their dream of becoming parents by taking care of their every need all through the pregnancy period, and ensuring the wellbeing of mothers and their newborn babies post-delivery.

Since 2012, they have raised $102.2 million in three rounds of funding from Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners and from IVFA last year. The investment is intended for use in developing strategic opportunities, enhance customer service and invest in medical technology. Cloudnine aims to lead the competition by investing in clini cal and business innovation with technology.

Cloudnine is particularly proud of their world class facilities, team of experienced doctors and experts, quality infrastructure and state of-the-art equipment and above all their patient-centric approach. They go the extra mile by hosting baby showers, conducting antenatal workshops, physiotherapy and yoga classes, Lamaze (childbirth classes) and signature Management of Baby Affairs (MBA) workshops to train the entire family on how to take care of the newborn baby and mother at home. Powered by the belief that “Pregnancy is Wellness and Not an Illness“, Cloudnine celebrates pregnancy and parenthood. The right counsel, a positive outlook towards fertility and parenthood, being available for clients, offering an experienced hand and smarter processes, efficient support staff and smiling faces are but some of the ingredients that make up the ‘Cloudnine’ experience.

At Cloudnine, digital technology and medical advancement is integral to the range of services offered. They are in the process of building a technology roadmap that enable hospitals to be able to track, manage and support couples through the entire cycle of birth. The plan is to be able to track a pregnant woman from the moment she starts her consultation till the child turns 5 years old.

Some of the technology based services that Cloudnine will soon offer are integrated and interactive mobile applications for clients with all information on maternity and childcare.All couples will get access to Cloudnine’s suite of services on their smart devices. Even doctors will use mobile and cloud-based applications that collate information in our central server.

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