Cloudnine Group of Hospitals to accredit workplace friendly corporates

Publication: Chennai Patrika

Date: 10th Aug, 2016

Spoke Person: Ms.Vidya Kumar, Co-founder, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals.

Cloudnine Group of Hospitals to accredit workplace friendly corporates on World Breastfeeding Week

In an effort to make it easier for nursing mothers to breastfeed while working, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals is going to accredit companies with a breastfeeding-friendly culture

Cloudnine Group of Hospitals has already accredited several leading organizations in the country including Dell International Services India, Flipkart, Philips India, Johnson and Johnson, EMCIndia, Himalaya BabyCare, Ujjivan Financial Services and Klay Prep Schools & Day Care to name a few. While most of the corporates have met the criteria to be accredited as workplace friendly, the process is still on.

Explaining the accreditation process Ms.Vidya Kumar, Co-founder, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals said, “We have a 5-point criteria that an organization must meet for getting accredited. This includes having a maternity leave policy for eligible employees; a written breastfeeding policy or guideline that is routinely shared with staff; support to the breastfeeding mothers through provision of a place to breastfeed or Crèche facilities at the workplace; adequate break time for employees to express breast milk or breastfeed as needed; and an appropriate lactation space that is in an accessible location, has adequate privacy, has an electrical outlet, a comfortable chair, a small table or surface to support pumping equipment and is located near a clean refrigerator where milk can be stored.”

Highlighting her organization’s commitment to make it easier for working mothers to breastfeed Jayati Singh, Business Head Health and Wellness, Philips India said, “Breastfeeding has tremendous short and long term health benefits for both mother and baby, setting the stage for healthier futures. Philips Avent understands these at the most intimate level and is therefore drawing much needed attention to some of the key barriers why mothers discontinue breastfeeding. Through our #FeedingOurFuture campaign, we are committed to empowering mothers and work with them to develop the tools and resources they need to achieve their breastfeeding goals.”

Gaurav Gupta, India Benefits Leader, Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd. said,”At Dell, we strive to provide the best of facilities and benefits for both mothers-to-be and returning mothers. Our policies meet and in certain cases exceed the maternity statutory and legal requirements. Based on the facility, we provide several benefits to our team members like a specially created mother’s room that has a fridge, flexible working hours, etc. Onsite clinics are also a good support available to team members in case of any requirement which might be there during working hours. Additionally, we have a comprehensive Wellness program which includes special tie-ups with specialized and leading maternity care hospitals along with various resources available for team members to leverage through the online wellness portal.

Mr. Chakravarthi N V, General Manager, Himalaya BabyCare added, “Breastfeeding benefits both the mother and the baby. As an organization, we comply with all the mandatory requirements of the Maternity Benefit Act and ensure that new mums have a healthy, happy nursing phase. Himalaya BabyCare has also taken a ‘baby step’ and set up a special BabyCare center at the Bangalore International Airport so that travelling mums can breastfeed while travelling.”

Priya Krishnan, Founder & CEO, KLAY Prep Schools & Daycare “Most working women are faced with the dilemma of choosing between their professional and personal lives, when they decide to start a family. In making this choice, the biggest concern for a mother is to ensure that her child does not miss out on an engaging and nurturing environment. With Klay, we are essentially trying to offer working mother’s an ecosystem where they can drop their kids and return to work without worrying about their developmental needs. The parents feel comforted by the fact that we have a child friendly environment and ample learning resources for the kids”.

Carol Furtado, Head HR, Ujjivan “Ujjivan’s ethos is to help women from underprivileged backgrounds have an equal ground to walk on. That is why it is so important to give our employees the same privilege at our work place. We have a whole office full of smart, dedicated women and it is our utmost priority to ensure they continue working while being able to take care of their family.”

Debashis Patnaik, Head of HR, EMC India COE said that “At EMC, employees are an integral part of our organization culture and our on-site child care center is aimed at providing EMC employees an easy access to quality child care facility within the campus, thereby helping our employees to find a successful balance between work and life.”

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