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Date: 27th July, 2016

A child is life’s greatest gift, and pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences nature can offer. The confirmation of pregnancy marks a new journey for the couple and overwhelms the family with an array of emotions and questions that are best answered by a reputed mother & baby healthcare provider like Cloudnine, India’s leading chain of maternity hospitals.

Dr. R. Kishore Kumar founded Cloudnine in 2006 to realize his vision of high-quality healthcare in India, on par with international standards. He pioneered this concept of maternal healthcare in India with “Cloudnine” – a facility dedicated to providing exclusive and comprehensive services in maternal and child care. As the founding Chairman and Senior Neonatologist, he has been instrumental in securing the pinnacle attained by Cloudnine today. Dr. Kishore is an internationally acclaimed neonatologist who has worked on four continents over the course of his career – covering North America, UK, Asia and 12 years in Australia.

At Cloudnine, they not only offer the best in healthcare services to a pregnant woman but also focus on pregnancy being a period of wellness and not illness! The pregnant woman receives excellent medical care at the hand of their doctors, nurses, lactation counselors, Lamaze therapists, and nutritionists set in a technologically superior facility that offers 4D scans, foetal anomaly studies, stem cell banking services, etc. The emphasis is to celebrate this journey of pregnancy by offering baby showers, “Management of Baby Affairs” (MBA) workshops to the couple and ANC classes in a happy and caring environment, trusted by over 85,000+ mothers.

“We understand that your life takes a colossal turn the moment you find out you are expecting a child. Our aim is to work in partnership with you throughout your pregnancy, providing all of the services you will need, including full antenatal care, your preferred or medically-required delivery option, and of course, postnatal care,” says Dr. Kishore.

Their consultant obstetricians are the leading practitioners in their field. Mothers-to-be who choose Cloudnine for maternity care can be certain that they will receive the highest quality specialist in pregnancy care. Cloudnine’s fully equipped luxury rooms and suites offer the ideal setting for this joyous moment, and will not even for a second, let you feel like you are away from home.

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but it brings along with it a lot of changes to your body and lifestyle. For this, ‘Prenatal workshops’ at Cloudnine provide a wealth of knowledge to parents-to-be and give the opportunity to ask all those little questions, you were too embarrassed to ask or forgot to ask. Every pregnancy and birth is unique, and everyone has questions and fears about childbirth and becoming a parent. For that, Cloudnine’s prenatal classes, conducted by a specialized team, address those worries. They encourage both partners to attend these classes. Prenatal classes are time well invested, and there is evidence to affirm that women cope better with their labour if they have attended prenatal classes.

Cloudnine’s LDR’s – Labour, Delivery and Recovery rooms – provide mothers-to-be a homelike atmosphere. Thanks to their LDR, expectant mothers are no longer required to be moved from one place to another and can experience an uninterrupted birthing process for the duration of the labor, delivery, and recovery period. Designed to provide the feel of home each LDR is furnished with an advanced multipurpose bed and all the equipment necessary for a safe and comfortable delivery. Mothers-to-be can even bring along their favorite music and play it during labour to help them relax!

Their state-of-the-art Operating Suites have the latest technology to perform requisite procedures. They are equipped to handle any complications, ensuring the wellbeing of both mother and child. The high level of infection control maintained in the OT ensures faster recovery for patients.

At Cloudnine, their standard practice is to have a Paediatrician present with the Obstetrician during a C-section, to ensure best outcome for the newborn. Their unmatched early neonatal survival rates of 99.72% are a testament to their high standards of care and among highest in the country.

With foetal medicine emerging as an independent specialty, they have created a specialized foetal medicine unit to monitor high risk pregnancies by focusing on the special needs of the baby and performing interventions, if needed, whilst in the womb.

Cloudnine units also boast of state-of-the-art 4D real-time ultrasound imaging system, which is used in analyzing fetal development. “You and your partner can share the experience of seeing your baby grow and mark the milestones in development as your pregnancy progresses,” says Dr. Kishore .This technologically advanced, high resolution system produces 4D images of your baby, updates it in real time and helps to see the baby moving on screen.

In an endeavour to enhance customer convenience at Cloudnine, they have started the initiative Cryonine – a stem cell banking facilities in association with Life Cell. Cryonine is formed to safeguard the interest of moms-to-be who wants clarity on which cord blood banking facilities. Cloudnine ensures it supports couples to make the right decision and backs them with high service levels.

Cloudnine is dedicated to women and children. “We deal with any kind of woman and child health issue and not just maternity. Our experienced gynecologists are adept at addressing any gynecological issues and surgeries. Our specialist paediatric services are also well-recognized and we have reached a new milestone by opening Bangalore’s first private sector Children’s Hospital,” asserts Dr. Kishore.

The NICU unit in Cloudnine hospital has all the modern facilities and certified by the ‘National Neonatology Forum that is the mainstay of ICU services in India’. Their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is certified by the National Neonatology Forum as Level III – the highest level of intensive care. It has the most advanced equipment in the world like GE Giraffe incubators and all required infrastructure to care for sick babies including ventilation, HFOV and Nitric Oxide, amongst other facilities. They provide specialized nursery care for babies from 24 weeks gestation onwards. Premature babies (born before 37 weeks & after 24 weeks gestation) and sick babies are clinically assessed and cared for in the NICU until they can be transferred to the ward.

The Fertility services at Cloudnine provide a safe, supportive and comforting environment to help the couple as they understand that this is a very distressing phase for a couple and they need a reliable expert to turn to. Cloudnine’s specialized fertility experts are highly experienced professionals who employ latest technology and strict processes to ensure their success rates are amongst the highest in the country.

The array of awards conferred on Cloudnine is a testimony of their continuous efforts to provide excellence in clinical care and outstanding customer service. The latest award they have been conferred is the 2016 Economic Times for Best Healthcare Brand (Women and Child Category) by the Honourable Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Other distinguished awards received by Cloudnine in 2014-15 are: Australia Service Excellence award, Best PE/VC backed Healthcare Company, Pride of Karnataka, and Benny Award for compensation and benefits in healthcare.

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