Would it interest you to be in a place where smiles and happiness abound as little bundles of joy are brought to the world every day? Would you want to work in an organization that has consistently received national awards for being the best in class? How about the place that won Benny awards for Compensation and Benefits in Healthcare?

An experienced and accomplished leadership, combined with accredited doctors and
medical team, ensure that Cloudnine stays true to its name and ensures that all employees
are on cloud nine!

Being on an aggressive growth path, we always have several opportunities available
for doctors, nurses and functional administration. We welcome enthusiastic and energetic
professionals to join Cloudnine! Click on the respective tab to find out more.

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Cloudnine is a centre of excellence in woman and child care, having done more than 85,000 deliveries and hundreds of gynecological and pediatric procedures. The hospital is managed within a strong clinical governance framework and employees are centrally involved in quality improvement initiatives.

We endeavour to recruit and retain staff of the highest calibre to meet our standard of medical service, while providing them a defined career path with an exciting and rewarding future.

Why should you work with Cloudnine?

  • Cloudnine is a center of clinical excellence.
  • We offer a three year fellowship in Neonatology for doctors with a work experience of 2 years. This is in collaboration with RGUHS where the final year might entail a work assignment overseas.
  • We practice evidence based medicine and keep up with the latest developments in medicine through continuing medical education (CME) programmes on Gynaecology and Pediatrics.
  • Cloudnine regularly associates with workshops and conferences in the concerned field, either as a participant or as an organizer. We have organised several such workshops for the benefit of our medical team.
  • Cloudnine implements global best practices in the areas of maternity and child care, and conducts monthly discussions about the most difficult or unusual cases to improve combined learning and performance.
  • We provide doctors with unique clinical opportunities and case mix as part of their career in medicine. Structured education is part of the program with regular training, practical tutorials, journal club and Grand Rounds. There is excellent access to patients for teaching and clinical experience.
  • The concept of Grand Rounds, organized once a week, allows senior and junior doctors to group together and visit in-patients for immediate care and exchange of ideas.
  • Cloudnine Hospitals have an excellent environment for medical practitioners to not just practice medicine but also explore new frontiers and conduct path-breaking research. With academic being high on our agenda, we encourage and facilitate all endeavours to publish and present research papers.
  • Fellowship program in NeonatologyThe Cloudnine fellowship program in Neonatology is comparable to the world’s best.
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