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It may be tempting to continue using your familiar old shoes during the entirety of your pregnancy; however, this should not be common practice. Although high heels pose no danger to the baby two main problems arise for the mom-to-be:

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Firstly, many women find this experience tiring; aching feet which rapidly morph into colossal balls of fluid combined with lower back pain, the mom-to-be can end up feeling very sore and clumsy. In such cases, it’s highly recommended that you stay away from high heels and platforms. In all possible ways, there is no danger for your baby but a strong chance of you spraining an ankle or worse.

Secondly, as you move through the pregnancy, the joints begin to loosen in preparation for childbirth. For this reason, many experts suggest expectant mothers stay away from high heels because they could cause injuries to oneself, like a pulled muscle or a hip injury.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes a significant change in shape, weight and centre of gravity, all of which have a major effect on the spine and lower extremities of the body. Pregnancy footwear can help to take the pressure off the feet and give cushioning to them for maximum comfort through which the entire body can benefit.

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