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Exercise To Prevent Osteoporosis

Bones are the inner framework of your body and it is vital to keep them strong throughout. To prevent Osteoporosis, getting sufficient bone mass during the growth phase through good physical activity is an ultimate goal, and maintaining the bone mass in adulthood through different exercises, healthy food habits and supplements prescribed by a physician is vital.

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3 Forms of exercise for preventing Osteoporosis:

  1.  Resistance Exercise
  2.  Weight - bearing Exercise
  3.  Flexibility Exercise

1. Resistance Exercise

Resistance exercise is a form of exercise which uses external weight against gravity to strengthen your muscles and bones. It makes your muscles pull your bones, the pull on your bones boost your bone strength. A minimum of 2 times of resistance exercise should be included in a week, targeting the muscle group of the chest, arms, shoulders, legs, hip, back and abdominal muscles.

Resistance exercise include :

  • Exercise with weights like dumbbells, kettle bars, etc.
  • Using a resistance band or tube for the exercise
  • Using machine-like knee press, shoulder press or weight lifting exercise using the barbell

2. Weight - Bearing Exercise :

Weight - bearing exercise are exercise and activity that activates your muscles against gravity while staying upright. Weight exercise give load to the bones which help improve bone mass.

To get the maximum benefit, high-impact weight-bearing exercise is recommended. But, you should check with your Physician and Physiotherapist if you are not sure how to start.

High impact weight - bearing exercise include:

  • Jogging or running
  • Climbing  steps
  • Using jumping rope
  • Playing tennis or badminton
  • High-impact aerobic exercise
  • Dancing like Zumba, Hip hop, etc.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training Exercise or HIIT, Tabatha, etc.

Low-impact weight-bearing exercise is a safe alternative if your health condition and your fitness level are not favourable. Low impact of weight - bearing exercise include:

  • Low-impact aerobic exercise
  • Using an elliptical cycle or a stepper
  • Brisk walking or fast walking on a treadmill
  • Squats, Lunges, Sit-ups, Chest press, etc.

3. Flexibility Exercise : 

Flexibility exercise is another important exercise that improves the flexibility of muscles and mobility of your joints. With better flexibility and mobility you are less prone to injury.

Exercise to improve flexibility can be:

Stretching exercise improves the flexibility of the muscles. Stretching of the muscles can be done before and after the exercise as stretching exercise. Stretch the muscles 3-5 times and hold the stretch for at least 10-30 secs.

Stretching like – Calf muscle, Hamstring, Quadriceps stretching, shoulder stretching, etc.

Exercises like Yoga, Tai chi, and Pilates are good types of exercise that help in flexibility and endurance.

Pilates exercise also helps strengthen core muscles and posture which is a very important component that is not usually focused on.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding can also lead to post-pregnancy osteoporosis, which is characterized by low back pain and vertebral fracture. In order to prevent Post-pregnancy Osteoporosis, it is crucial to get the maximum bone mass during the growth period i.e. during childhood bone formation exceeds bone reabsorption, resulting in high bone mineral density.

To prevent pregnancy and post-pregnancy osteoporosis

  • Be a kid and jump using rope, play hopscotch, run around the ground and jump on a trampoline to get the maximum bone mass during the growing phase.
  • Regular exercise throughout adulthood, especially weight-bearing, resistance exercise should be included. This will help maintain bone mass.
  • Exercise during pregnancy according to the condition is also crucial in maintaining a healthy weight gain and ensuring that bone reabsorption is not higher than bone formation.
  • During Post-delivery, women can start low-impact exercises like walking to brisk walking, maintain good posture and moderate strengthening and stretching exercises can be started to help maintain the bone mass.

Tips for making exercise more effective :

  • 19-64 years old should exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise every week to maintain strong bones and a healthy weight.
  • Focus on the bones like Spine and Hip as these are the bones that get fractured due to osteoporosis.
  • Exercise should be dynamic
  • Exercise should exceed your intensity threshold and frequency threshold
  • Exercise should be supported with good nutrition, adequate calcium and Vitamin D 

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