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My Baby Can Walk The Walk June 29, 2020 in Baby, Baby Developments, Effective Parenting, Parenting, Toddler, Toddler Development by Dr Meghna Manocha

First-time parents often await the first steps of their baby anxiously. After all, what could bring more to your heart than seeing your adorable baby taking their first independent steps? The first year of a bay is filled with plenty of important milestones. It is important to keep track of

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My Baby Can Walk The Walk
Working Woes: Is Your Career Impacting Your Child’s Development? February 2, 2019 in Baby Developments, Parenting, Toddler Development by Dr. Lakshmy Menon

Complementary Caregiving They say it takes a village to raise a child. And it’s true. You need all the help you can get as a working mother to bring up your tot with the right values, morals and manners. Pick caregivers that complement your parenting style and sensibilities, so that there’s

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Working Woes: Is Your Career Impacting Your Child’s Development?
Breastfeeding, a Blessing! August 8, 2012 in About Pregnancy, Baby, Baby Basics, Baby Food, Diet & Fitness, Effective Parenting, Health, Health, Health & wellness, Mom’s Care, Mom’s Corner, Parenting, Pre Conception Health, Pregnancy, Toddler Basics, Toddler Development by Mrs. Ruth Patterson

Also, the bonding of the mother and baby can be of immense value at this stage when the baby starts recognizing the mother’s touch and care the best. The encouragement for breastfeeding should be done during the pregnancy period itself by the Obstetrician and the family. This would make the mother

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Breastfeeding, a Blessing!


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