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The journey of a baby born at 25 weeks October 16, 2019 in Baby, preemies by Dr Deepak Vasudev

Rehana was put on intravenous nutrition through a specialised catheter via umbilical vein soon after delivery. The umbilical cord which gives nourishment to a developing baby in the womb contains two arteries and veins. Doctors use these blood vessels and put catheters to monitor blood pressure, take samples and also

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The journey of a baby born at 25 weeks


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What’s Up on Cloudnine!

Noida is now delivering babies on Cloudnine!

On Cloudnine, Noida, we’re a different kind of maternity hospital. We believe a woman’s maternity journey begins well before pregnancy. That’s why our programmes and packages are tailored as much for hopeful mothers, as for expectant ones.