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How soon should I go to the doctor after a positive pregnancy test? April 29, 2019 in About Pregnancy, Early signs of pregnancy, Pregnancy by Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

Mostly, a positive pregnancy test result means that you are pregnant. When there is a specific amount of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) in your urine, the result comes positive. The hCG is a hormone which is released eight to ten days post conception when the fertilized egg connects to the

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How soon should I go to the doctor after a positive pregnancy test?
5 Clues That You Need to Take a Pregnancy Test October 8, 2018 in About Pregnancy, Early signs of pregnancy, Preconception, Pregnancy by Dr Shobha Venkat

There’s something about pregnancy that arouses a peculiar sixth sense – almost like you know what to expect and yet, seek all-important validation from a store-bought pregnancy test (because there’s a certain magic in seeing those elusive double pink lines). In an age of insta-everything, over-the-counter (OTC) home pregnancy tests

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Pregnancy Week 4 August 10, 2018 in About Pregnancy, Birthing Experience, Early signs of pregnancy, Good News, Health, Pregnancy, Your Body by Dr Witty Raina

Welcome to Week 4 Your baby has implanted into your uterine wall this week, so you are now officially pregnant! However, you may not know that yet, as it’s still too early to get an accurate result on your home pregnancy kit. Update on Your Body You are likely to experience some early

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Pregnancy Week 4


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