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Dr Sukirti Jain

Dr. Sukirti Jain’s professional portfolio is crowned with roles at some of India’s most prominent maternity and fertility hospitals. She has expertise in managing high-risk pregnancies and adolescent health, treating gynaecological disorders, and performing laparoscopies, abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies, unilateral and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomies, and abdominal myomectomies. Dr. Jain is a member of the Maharashtra Medical Council.

Morning Sickness September 21, 2018 in About Pregnancy, Diet & Fitness, Health & Safety, Pregnancy by

Pregnancy leaves dazzling gifts in the most unassuming places such as a few extra pounds in the breasts, a radiant charm on the face and an inside-out belly button that shows that the girl has finally become a lady. Being pregnant is a blessing which completes a woman, but it

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Morning Sickness
Preparing for Parenthood: A Couple’s Guide to Pregnancy January 2, 2018 in About Pregnancy by

For years, pregnancy has been considered a woman’s prerogative. The archetypal rules associated with a successful conception have long been tethered exclusively to a woman’s health and body. “Eat greens”, “go easy on the coffee”, “avoid alcohol”, she was told. And while this advice still remains golden for any woman

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Preparing for Parenthood: A Couple’s Guide to Pregnancy
Prematurity Predicaments: What to Expect With a Premature Baby November 22, 2017 in About Pregnancy, Birthing Experience, Effective Parenting by

[caption id="attachment_22324" align="aligncenter" width="557"] Premature baby's feet[/caption] A premature baby can be like a delicate gift-wrapped present that your heart refuses to open; with translucent tubes for ribbons and wrinkly pink skin for wrapping paper. You know that the longer you wait, the better this little package will be. Meanwhile, you

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Prematurity Predicaments: What to Expect With a Premature Baby


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