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Dr. Naveen Narendranath

Dr. Naveen Narendranath is an eminent ophthalmologist with significant expertise in cataract surgery, laser surgery, sutureless vitrectomy, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma treatment. He is noted for his technology-centric treatment plans, and has completed a Fellowship from the prestigious International Council of Ophthalmology (UK).

Eye Spy: Signs of Vision Problems in Your Baby October 5, 2018 in Baby, Effective Parenting, Health, Parenting, Toddler by

Your baby’s winsome gaze can be the most rewarding part of early parenthood, almost like a secret communication between just you and her. While it can prove as a memorable bonding experience, this period is also essential to identify vision anomalies and take necessary action. The good news is, diagnosed

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Eye Spy: Signs of Vision Problems in Your Baby


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