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Dr Nandini Nagar

Dr. Nandini Nagar’s love of children resonates in her interactions, and her innate ability to earn the trust of parents and children alike makes her a favourite among guests. Dr. Nagar holds an MBBS from Bangalore Medical College, a DCH from Manipal Academy of Higher Education and a DNB from Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. Additionally, she has a Fellowship in Neonatology, which she acquired at Nepean Hospital, New South Wales, Australia. Dr. Nagar has worked at several illustrious hospitals in Australia and India, with stints at Bangalore Children's Hospital, K. R. Hospital and Manipal Hospital featuring on her resume. She has been an instrumental member of the Cloudnine family since its inception.

Dehydration In Babies: Signs, Causes & Treatments October 9, 2018 in Baby, Effective Parenting, Health, Parenting by

Dry tears, sunken eyes and parched lips can set off alarm bells for most parents. And for good reason. While many physical signs out of the ordinary can count towards first- or even second-time parent paranoia, some may warrant immediate and intensive medical intervention. Dehydration, for one. If you aren’t acquainted

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Dehydration In Babies: Signs, Causes & Treatments
Milestones Of Your Baby – 0 To 12 Months August 23, 2012 in Effective Parenting by

Ensuring your precious little one achieves the standard milestones is necessary and assuring for a parent. Click here to Consult The Best Pediatricians in Noida GROSS MOTOR MILESTONES Around 2-3 months of age, the baby would be able to hold her head steady while sitting and also pulls to sit without head

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Milestones Of Your Baby – 0 To 12 Months


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