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Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya

Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya has diverse expertise, and is particularly noted for her adeptness in fetal medicine, high-risk pregnancies and laparoscopic surgeries. Her skilfulness is well-recognised in the medical fraternity, and has been showcased by the array of complex surgeries she has successfully completed. Dr. Bhattacharya’s educational repertoire includes an MBBS and MD from King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai. She has presented and published various papers at national and international conferences and has a clutch of awards to her credit.

Postpartum Exercises for New Moms! January 23, 2019 in Diet & Fitness, Health by

Though a new baby in the family is a time for delight in a few cases, the bodily changes a mother goes through during pregnancy can add up to the post-pregnancy blues. Do not worry about this darling, as this is entirely normal in all new mothers. If you have

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Postpartum Exercises for New Moms!
How to deal with Labor Pain? January 22, 2019 in About Pregnancy, Labor, Pregnancy by

  When you are expecting, it is normal to get a plethora of advice on how to deal with or reduce the intensity of pain while giving birth. However, when the real time comes, all you can think about is pushing it hard to bring the baby out by hook or

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How to deal with Labor Pain?
Check, Mate: Why Regular Health Check-Ups Can Be Life-Saving for Women October 7, 2018 in Gynaecological Concerns, Health by

Women may be superheroes but they still need a shield against medical problems at every age and stage. The trouble is, traditional barometers for health like blood pressure and body mass index don’t measure feminal profiles accurately. That’s why regular medical screening protocols like pap smears, immunisations, mammograms and fecal

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Check, Mate: Why Regular Health Check-Ups Can Be Life-Saving for Women
Thyroid & Pregnancy Tweetinar on Cloudnine September 1, 2018 in About Pregnancy, Gynaecological Concerns, Health, Pregnancy by

On 26th July 2018, Cloudnine launched a live Tweetinar on on its Twitter handle @CloudnineCare. It was led by Dr. Modhulika Bhattacharya, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Cloudnine Hospitals, Outer Ring Road and Old Airport Road, Bangalore. The Tweetinar dealt with a plethora of topics on thyroid and pregnancy. Some

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Thyroid & Pregnancy Tweetinar on Cloudnine
C-Sections Decoded – What You Need to Know About Caesareans December 2, 2016 in About Pregnancy by

You’re person, aren’t you? You know, the one that heads straight for the organic aisle, sifting through vegetables for the slightest whiff of pesticide. You’re not alone, you know. In fact, you’re part of an emerging global tribe, crusading for all things natural. It’s the age of organic fruit,

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C-Sections Decoded – What You Need to Know About Caesareans


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