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Auspicious dates for giving birth/C-section in June 2021

April 5, 2021

Did you know that you can now schedule the day of birth for your baby through a C-section? Yes, you heard it right. In today’s hi-tech world, it is possible for you to schedule the birth of your little one, right from the day, date to the exact time. You can select an auspicious moment with the guidance of astrologers and have a C-section for a ‘Muhurat Baby’. With world class facilities and expert doctors at your disposal, Muhurat baby is one of the unique ways of how technology and traditions meet.


It is believed that the moment of birth has a lot of effect on a person’s life. The Nakshatras for birth stars play an immense role in one’s life.  With the correct knowledge of the auspicious moment through astrology and Vedic discipline, a C-section is performed within the time frame provided by the astrologer. This practice is performed to ensure the child’s happiness throughout his/her life, for it can have great impact on the health, wealth, marriage, longevity, and other important factors of life.


Though a normal delivery is the best and healthiest way for a delivery, doctors only suggest a Caesarean delivery in case of complications in the pregnancy or when a mother decides to have one to avoid the risk of physical damages like a tear in the vaginal wall or to avoid excess pain caused during the labour.

We, however, do not support the practice of C-section for a muhurat delivery. But if you plan for the same, our doctors will provide you complete medical assistance and guidance throughout your pregnancy as well as provide you with a list of dates from which you can select the right one for your baby. You can select an auspicious date and best nakshatra for a caesarean delivery. Do consult with astrologers if you are planning to go for a C-section to select an auspicious moment for the birth of your baby. Some auspicious dates in June 2021 for a Muhurat baby backed by famous astrologers are:

  • 6th
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