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Auspicious date for giving birth/cesarean delivery in 2019

December 3, 2020

Natural birth is always a healthier option for women, considering that is the proper procedure for the mother. Although, a C-section surgery is done under some complication with the birthing or the expecting mother.

In the west, women more than often go for a C-section to avoid the pain associated with natural birth. They’re afraid of the wear and tear in the vaginal wall and the damage to the pelvic floor.

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However, in India, there’s another reason why women opt for a C-section. The idea is themuhurat’ or the auspicious moment at which a couple wants their children to be born. This phenomenon nowadays is being called as Muhurat baby’.

Doctors do not advise this as a natural birth it is always the best option, and a C-section should be done only if certain complications occur. However, seeing the growing trend in society to have a Muhurat baby they allow certain privileges to the parents.

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Many expecting parents insist on having a C-section for astrological reasons. Hence, doctors tell such a couple in advance the date of the operation and usually give you a time range according to their choices. While the birth of a child is predestined according to its spiritual growth and God’s plan, people try to plan differently to make their child’s life better. At least that’s what they feel they are doing.

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A few things which are kept in mind for a Muhurat Baby: Such combination, according to astrologers help in getting a good life for the baby concerning their;

  • Health and longevity
  • Profession
  • Wealth
  • Marriage
  • Children

Although we do not support this practice. However, there are a few dates backed by famous astrologers that might be good for giving birth.

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Month ( 2019 )     Nakshatra                Lagna                     Time

January 1              Swati                      KumbhLagna      10 Am - 10:30 Am

January 12          Uttarabhadra           Kumbh Lagna      9:15 Am - 9:45 Am

January 24         Purva Phalguni         Kumbh Lagna      8:15 Am - 8:45 Am

February 5          Dhanishta                 Simha Lagna        7:15 Pm - 7:45 Pm

February 15        Arudra                       Simha Lagna        6:15 Pm - 6:45 Pm

February 26       Anuradha                   Simha Lagna        5:45 Pm - 6:15 Pm

March 2              Uttarashada               Mesha Lagna       9:15 Am - 9:45 Am

March 14            Mrigashira                  Mesha Lagna        8:30 Am - 9:00 Am

March 31            Shravana                     Mesha Lagna       7:30 Am - 8:00 Am

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We request expecting parents to exercise their judgement before following these dates and cross-check before going ahead with them.

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