Thanking all the lovely parents to be for participating in our Baby Shower

Get a glimpse of the event!

And, it feels great when someone appreciates this hard work!

Here's what our participants have to share in simple yet beautiful words


Ms.Ramya A.K Chennai

Good initiative. We are new to the city. We liked it.

Ms Gayatri Harite Mumbai

A lovely funfilled event! enjoyed !Keep it up!

Jinal Shah Mumbai

Awesome event, would like to hear about such events in future

Aditi Chhibber Mumbai

Thank you for organising a wonderful event for all pretty would-be-moms!! All the best

Ms.Savitha Chennai

Entire event is excellent. Very good initiative. Enjoyed thoroughly. I personally liked the physiotherapist session and the other two session by nutritionist & OBG were also very informative. Completely enjoyed it. Good work. Keep it up! Hearty wishes to all the people who were behind this event.

We couldn’t have done it without all of you. So a big THANK YOU to you all for making Celebrating Pregnancy a huge success! We look forward to many more exciting events in the coming year!