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Cloudnine is delighted to thank all the wonderful moms-to-be who attended the Antenatal workshop which was conducted on Feb 1, at Hyatt Regency, Chennai. The antenatal workshop was a memorable event. The excellent participation of all the parents made this event a huge a success.

The Antenatal Workshop was conducted under the leadership and vision of Managing Director Dr.R.Kishore an internationally acclaimed neonatologist, Group Medical Director and a team of functional experts. The educational inputs given by them enlightened many Moms-to-be and dads as well. Their talks engaged one and all, soon the venue was buzzing with queries from all ends.

Cloudnine’s Antenatal Workshop provided an answer to all queries. Infinite Information about antenatal care and post natal care was talked about in the workshop. The participants were educated about various delivery techniques, many myths were busted and endless questions answered. Our Antenatal Workshop was successful in bringing smiles to many faces. The positive feedback we managed to get from the participants speaks volumes about the active participation and interest of the parents-to-be in the event. The smiles and positivity do not stop here, Cloudnine promises much more in terms of quality maternity and child healthcare. Cloudnine Chennai center is coming your way very soon.

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Antenatal Workshop Highlights

  • Introduction and concept of antenatal sessions
  • Process of pregnancy and basic changes it brings – a brief overview of the trimesters
  • Preparation for childbirth – natural and caesarean mode of delivery
  • Basic anatomy and physiology of childbirth
  • Over view of labour, signs of labour and labour progression
  • Advanced pain relief options available in Cloudnine Hospitals for painless labor
  • Importance of dad’s role during pregnancy and beyond
  • Care of the newborn and immediate postnatal care, including neonatal screening
  • Introduction to the concept of stem cells and the collection procedure
  • Exclusive Nutritional sessions to boost up a healthy lifestyle during maternity
  • Lamaze (breathing techniques) and Pelvic Floor Exercises to prepare you for painless and normal delivery
  • Exercises to keep you fit, right postures to help you maintain your balance and correct sleeping positions during pregnancy

Words of Appreciation

  • A very useful event. I would like to know more about the Cloudnine facilities and services. I would be visiting Cloudnine Chennai very shortly for the same.Samtha
  • It was a very good and different experience. Dr. Prakash Kini’s talk was very delightful as well as useful. I look forward to these Antenatal classes every week. Janani Ananth
  • A great and relieving experience. I would like to live my pregnancy happily under the useful guidance of Cloudnine gynecologists. They have made the whole experience all the more delightful. Varsha Jain
  • Very good experience. The talks by various doctors provided the much needed comfort every mother-to-be looks for. I will be suggesting my friends also to attend such kind of events held by Cloudnine.Raja rajeswari.S
  • A truly refreshing and different experience for me and my husband. We both learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy period, importance of exercise, even though I had a counselling earlier. I would like to come for hospital tour very soon. Komal S
  • It was very good and informative. It was a complete package and I was very impressed by the benefits and services offered by Cloudnine. We would like to opt for Cloudnine for our second baby.Aarthi Lakshmikanthan

About Cloudnine

At Cloudnine, we believe that a child is life’s greatest gift and pregnancy is one of the most magical experiences nature can offer.  This gift deserves to be nurtured and cared for, not just at birth, but for the entire duration of your pregnancy. Which is why, to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy, Cloudnine provides you with world-class medical expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, a space filled with love and laughter and staff dedicated to the holistic well-being of you and your baby.