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    Clinical research has been an integral component at Cloudnine with all professional staff being encouraged to be involved. Cloudnine supports high quality research and innovation, particularly when of relevance to the health problems of the local community. The existing consultant team has a range of interests in the field of neonatology, which can be seen under their profile statement.

    Areas of Interest

    Departments Doctors
    Respiratory Dr. Mohit Singhal and Dr. R. Kishore Kumar
    Cardiovascular Dr. Shekar Subbaiah, Dr. Nandhini Nagar and Dr. N. Chandra Kumar
    Gastroenterology/Nutrition/NEC Dr. N. Chandra Kumar and Dr. Arvind Shenoi
    Neurology Dr. C. Manigandan, Dr. Girish SV and Dr. N. Chandra Kumar
    Neurodevelopmental Outcome Dr. Malathi Raj, Dr. Chandra Kumar N, Dr. C Manigandan and Dr. Chithra Shankar
    Community Neonatology – Jaundice/Feeding Dr. Kishore Yerur, Dr. Bindhu P and Dr. R.Kishore Kumar
    Skeletal/Metabolic/Genetics Dr. Gauri Krishna and Dr. R. Kishore Kumar
    Renal Dr. Pradeep Kumar and Dr. Anil M.U
    Endocrinology Dr. Santhosh Olety S, Dr. R.Kishore Kumar, Dr. Lakshmi Menon and Dr. Kishore Yerur
    Hematological Dr. Padmanjali K.S., Dr. Lakshmi Menon and Dr. Suma A.R
    ROP/Ophthalmology Dr. Kavitha S Rao and Dr. R. Kishore Kumar
    Placenta/Umbilical Cord Dr. Arvind Shenoi and Dr. C Manigandan
    Surgical Dr. Anand Alladi and Dr. Girish SV

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