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    We have presented more than 25 papers since inception in national and international conferences. These papers are based on the clinical research projects conducted in Cloudnine, and are published in reputed peer-reviewed journals.

    Neonatal screening, the most important preventive public health programme of the 21st century, is implemented in majority of the developed countries. The Asia-Pacific region has a long history-the late Emeritus Professor Wong Hock Boon in 1965 initiated cord blood G6PD screening in Singapore, which virtually eliminated kernicterus. In India currently there is no government funded neonatal screening programme for the masses, but most private hospitals have started screening for disorders which the pediatrician there thinks is relevant in that part of the country. Indian Council of Medical Research has established a task force to look into these and there have been numerous updates from them including an updated website where a pediatrician or a hospital can download information. The authors present this study, which reveals that G6PD in India is a high priority for public screening.

    Newborn screening for G6PD deficiency–why is it important for India
    Kishore Kumar R, Nagar N, Ranieri E.d

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