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We Had our Daughter on Cloudnine, Pune Despite Having Had the Option of Returning to Our Hometown

We don’t belong to Pune. So when my wife, Prerna, got pregnant, we considered returning to our home town, Varanasi, for the delivery. Then, I heard about Cloudnine from a close friend of mine. After sifting through reviews on the internet, we learnt that it was a big name in maternity. We were impressed by its exclusive woman and child care approach, infrastructure and service level, and we set our hearts on following through with the pregnancy on Cloudnine. Another reason that we were convinced with our decision was Dr. Manjiri Kulkarni, one of the best gynaecologists in Pune. Prerna has a history of thyroid, so we didn’t know what to expect during the pregnancy. But Dr. Manjari made sure that everything went smoothly, without a hitch. We also took a Prenatal Workshop on Cloudnine, to help us prepare mentally for the change. In Prerna’s seventh month, she started experiencing abdominal pain, and the doctor discovered a fibroid in her uterus. Even then, Dr. Manjiri encouraged us to pursue a natural birth. When Prerna went into labour, though, our daughter had passed Meconium, and a C-section became inevitable. The medical team at Cloudnine stood by our side through the pregnancy and delivery. It is because of them that we chose not to go to Varanasi for the delivery!

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