Cloudnine Helped Me Battle PCOD and Finally Conceive

Before I had my baby girl on Cloudnine, I battled PCOD for 3 long years with the assistance of Dr. Prakash Kini. During my treatment, Dr. Kini was my sounding board, ensuring that I did not panic and that I understood each procedure carefully before it was performed. Conceiving with PCOD was a difficult and emotional process, but on Cloudnine, I braved my way through it all.

Throughout the 3-year journey, Dr. Prakash consistently boosted my morale. When I would barrage him with questions, he’d patiently answer them all. On days that I’d see no progress, he’d encourage me to stay positive. He also eliminated every stigma surrounding my condition and its treatment. He was certain that I’d see results if I trusted in the process.

Sure enough, I conceived my baby in 2016. My joy knew no bounds when I realised that his efforts and mine were not in vain. My heart swelled with joy. I turned to Cloudnine for all the appointments and procedures that led up to my delivery. Not once did I feel misguided along the way. What is remarkable about Cloudnine is their ever-smiling staff who worked the night shift. They never hesitated to take on additional tasks to help me feel at ease. My delivery team was wonderful and with their encouragement and support, I experienced natural labour and childbirth.

Dr. Girish S. V., our paediatrician deserves a special mention because he is always able to make me smile, even in tense moments. He has an uncanny ability to preempt questions and answer them even before I can ask them. Also, he is amazing with babies.

With every appointment, my PCOD has shown significant improvement and I continue seeking treatment for it. Trust Cloudnine’s services as I did, and I’m sure you’ll have a great experience too.


By - Mrs. Sneha

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