Cloudnine Gave Us Memories We Will Cherish For a Long Time to Come

My wife, Prajakta, would pass Cloudnine everyday on her way to work. It was located a short distance away from our home in Borivali and so, we knew the brand and what it stood for well before we even conceived. When we discovered we were pregnant with twins, I suppose it was instinctual that we sought Cloudnine out first. We loved what we saw; the hospital in Malad was warm and inviting and we decided that this was it; this was where we would deliver our babies. When we decided to sign up with Cloudnine for our delivery, we had just crossed the six-month mark in our pregnancy. Until then, we had been consulting a gynaecologist with a stand-alone clinic, but we were determined to register with a hospital that provided the whole spectrum of services under one roof. Cloudnine was our answer.
Unlike typical pregnancies with multiples, we were blessed that we experienced zero complications or scares throughout our pregnancy run. The only advice that Prajakta was given was to get ample bed rest. And that, she did. Cloudnine gave us so many memories that we will cherish for a long time to come, but one that stands out is of Prajakta going into labour. We had always known that Cloudnine encouraged fathers to be present during delivery, one of the special reasons that Cloudnine had stood out to us in the first place. And so, I stayed by her side inside the operation theatre, and witnessed the birth of both my babies. It was an experience that I will treasure forever.
We are especially thankful to Dr. Nikhil Datar and Dr. Piyush Shah, whose expert guidance led us through pregnancy and the days after delivery. Also, the staff on Cloudnine was wonderful, supporting us and the babies in the best way. Needless to say, we were delighted all through.

By - Mr. Yugesh

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