Cloudnine Doctors Worked Tirelessly to Ensure a Smooth Delivery

My wife and I first visited Cloudnine roughly 9 months ago and since then, we’ve been nothing short of impressed. Cloudnine has some of the most impeccable staff and facilities at its Old Airport Road centre. My wife instantly took to the staff because of their outstanding hospitality.

We’d like to particularly applaud the staff members who worked the night shift when my wife was admitted on the 9th of September. They relentlessly looked for ways and means to help my wife stay as relaxed as possible. As she began experiencing intense labour contractions, I became worried and extremely anxious. When I voiced my concerns to doctors and staff members who were present, they immediately comforted me and assured me that they would do their best to ensure my wife had a smooth delivery and did not undergo a ceasarean unless absolutely necessary. Frankly, their approach won me over! Over the next 15 hours, I witnessed them tirelessly assist my wife without surgical intervention, but sadly to no avail. A C-section seemed inevitable at that point. Dr. Madhulika Bhattacharya and the others persisted despite the complications. When my wife contracted an untimely fever, the doctors and I came to an agreement that a C-section would be the safest route for the mother and the baby. By God’s grace, my baby boy was born soon after in good health, and my wife’s fever subsided.

Today, our appointments with Cloudnine are smooth-sailing and hardly draining of our energies. Phototherapy sessions with the hospital are greatly improving my baby’s health. What else could a parent ask for? Every moment on Cloudnine has led up to perfect health and happiness for the mother and the little one.

Given our experience, not long after, I encouraged a friend to visit Cloudnine so that he and his wife too, could experience what we had. With services ranging from prenatal care to paediatrics, if there’s a Cloudnine near you, you needn’t look any further.

By - Mrs. Leena Jena

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