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Customer Review

Customer feedback keeps us going. Here is the unedited stream of feedback from Cloudnine customers,
once they have delivered with us.
Timely medical aid, doctors’ expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of professionals have added to the joy of many couples. We are grateful for the motivating customer feedback we receive everyday.

Overall Rating

Overall rating of Cloudnine is 3/5. The figures are an average of feedback
from 774 people who delivered with us.
3 Star Reviews
21st Jan, 2017(03:46 PM)
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it is very...
it is very good answering for everything and caring of nurses is very good thanking you for caring
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Sarala Kumari
21st Jan, 2017(12:47 PM)
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lot of differences...
lot of differences betweenthe 1st delivery and second
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20th Jan, 2017(10:41 PM)
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19th Jan, 2017(05:57 PM)
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as per hospital...
as per hospital name and fame and costing the service expectationshould be outstanding .i had visited other cloudnine hospital it was good but here my experie)nce nott good .
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Mrs. Rubina Jannela
19th Jan, 2017(01:30 PM)
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Baby of Swapna
18th Jan, 2017(02:06 PM)
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B.o arpitha
18th Jan, 2017(09:59 AM)
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not like how...
not like how it was 2 years ago
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Jatin aditya
16th Jan, 2017(06:10 PM)
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16th Jan, 2017(03:28 PM)
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M eena kumari
16th Jan, 2017(02:10 PM)
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pathetic admin staff.
15th Jan, 2017(08:43 PM)
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overall ok
Monika Kakade
15th Jan, 2017(11:56 AM)
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