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Customer Review

Customer feedback keeps us going. Here is the unedited stream of feedback from Cloudnine customers,
once they have delivered with us.
Timely medical aid, doctors’ expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of professionals have added to the joy of many couples. We are grateful for the motivating customer feedback we receive everyday.

Overall Rating

Overall rating of Cloudnine is 3/5. The figures are an average of feedback
from 1331 people who delivered with us.
3 Star Reviews
nursing care is...
nursing care is not up to the mark...
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Deepa Sethi
28th May, 2017(07:48 AM)
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27th May, 2017(05:03 PM)
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25th May, 2017(01:17 PM)
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will recommend the...
will recommend the doctor but not the hospital , provided feedback in written
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25th May, 2017(10:56 AM)
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Baby of chandana
25th May, 2017(07:46 AM)
  • starstarstarstarstar
B.o Sowmya
24th May, 2017(09:46 AM)
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high pricing
Divya, G
22nd May, 2017(12:07 PM)
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international insurance policy...
international insurance policy needs serious review to facilitate patient family
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Aarav Rao
22nd May, 2017(07:51 AM)
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nicu staff worked...
nicu staff worked night shift on 19may 2017
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20th May, 2017(10:02 AM)
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Babita kumari gupta
19th May, 2017(10:02 PM)
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Asha m
19th May, 2017(05:33 PM)
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too expensive
Bhavyata Patel
18th May, 2017(08:01 AM)
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