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Customer Review

Customer feedback keeps us going. Here is the unedited stream of feedback from Cloudnine customers,
once they have delivered with us.
Timely medical aid, doctors’ expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of professionals have added to the joy of many couples. We are grateful for the motivating customer feedback we receive everyday.

Overall Rating

Overall rating of Cloudnine is 2/5. The figures are an average of feedback
from 149 people who delivered with us.
2 Star Reviews
no supportive in...
no supportive in emergency situation.nursing not helpfull when needed.discharge needs to be done in timel
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20th Mar, 2017(11:23 PM)
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not satisfied
16th Mar, 2017(12:45 PM)
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had lot of...
had lot of expectations, nothing was fulfilled
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Mrs Madhuri
14th Mar, 2017(08:32 AM)
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G R Nagashree
9th Mar, 2017(06:17 PM)
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ok ok not...
ok ok not as i have heard, it should work as it comes up with new branch not just by looks
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Preksha chopra
22nd Feb, 2017(01:57 PM)
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nursing issue
Pooja mishra
15th Feb, 2017(12:59 PM)
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very poor service
15th Feb, 2017(11:38 AM)
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rooms were clean...
rooms were clean and staffs were really good...only food needs improvement...
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Mrs. Krutika Saoji
15th Feb, 2017(11:25 AM)
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nursing care horrible...
nursing care horrible specifically nurse named ms. karizma is phethetic in her nursing service
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Sumitra Deb
14th Feb, 2017(10:29 AM)
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many areas where...
many areas where improvement is required like nursing staff is not fully trained
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Dharini jain
13th Feb, 2017(04:59 PM)
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the services are...
the services are not in line with the claims made by the hospital. discharge was advised at 9.30 am but finally happened at 4.45pm after too much of follow up and running around. the billing staff is ot coperative and unwilling to guide. value for money is what one expects which is clearly missing. hope thiscfeed back helps.
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11th Feb, 2017(04:47 PM)
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doctor need to...
doctor need to provide more detail
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3rd Feb, 2017(02:05 PM)
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