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Customer Review

Customer feedback keeps us going. Here is the unedited stream of feedback from Cloudnine customers,
once they have delivered with us.
Timely medical aid, doctors’ expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of professionals have added to the joy of many couples. We are grateful for the motivating customer feedback we receive everyday.

Overall Rating

Overall rating of Cloudnine is 4.5/5. The figures are an average of feedback
from 30685 people who delivered with us.
Priyanka B
30th May, 2017(06:47 PM)
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gud care of...
gud care of patient!! very clean hospital!!
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Usha Ramanna
30th May, 2017(12:22 PM)
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good service
Aruna k k hebbar
29th May, 2017(04:28 PM)
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worst thing in...
worst thing in all services espacially billing, billed for 10 used only 4
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29th May, 2017(03:53 PM)
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B/o gowri
29th May, 2017(03:30 PM)
  • starstarstarstarstar
29th May, 2017(02:37 PM)
  • starstarstarstarstar
Shree Lakshmi
29th May, 2017(02:04 PM)
  • starstarstarstarstar
very caring and...
very caring and they take care of mother and baby in a very homely manner father and mother are involved in all the activities.
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29th May, 2017(01:52 PM)
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Seshadri Banerjee
29th May, 2017(12:02 PM)
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Shafeen Bagwan
29th May, 2017(11:56 AM)
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overall good experince...
overall good experince till now. hoping for the best moving forward
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Mansi Watve
29th May, 2017(11:52 AM)
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i felt every...
i felt every thing fine
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Shashwati Shiwani
29th May, 2017(11:30 AM)
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